CMA Report Preparation

In order to ascertain the financial well-being of business, a special report has to be prepared using all the necessary financial ratios (where the all the previous and projected financial performance is included). This report is prepared so that bankers and financial analysts can easily determine the financial strength of the company. Generally, at the time of obtaining a bank loan, this report is demanded by the bankers and angel investors to know the source and application of funds. This company helps in preparing the professional CMA (Credit Monitoring Arrangement) report.

Identifying Angel Investor/ Banks/ NBFCs:

We will be providing professional services to the start up in order to streamline the funding process. On the other hand, investors/banks/NBFCs will be guided in terms of the amount of the investment. We assure that no entrepreneur faces difficulty in the funding process. Loans will be made available to the entrepreneurs on the basis of the cash flows (past as well projected) which eliminates the collateral-giving process.

Long term loan or term loan:

Term loans are provided for installing or acquiring capital assets. These loans are generally provided for long term and these loans are repaid over this long term as and when asset starts generating returns. Interest rate is obviously charged on this long term loan which is generally finalized after going through the credit worthiness of the borrower. This company can help raise long term loans and also helps in sanctioning of these loans as soon as possible. This involves the role of financial analysts. Our analysts will go through the financials of your company and will guide you on how much loan is needed and for what tenure.

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At Funds4sme we help startups and early stage companies in getting the right capital and that too at the right time. India has always been the breeding ground for entrepreneurship and ideas. The main reason behind the failure of most of the startups is that they are unable to get the funding at the right time. Investors, which in our case will be Banks/NBFCs/Financial Institutions/Angel Investors, are also not interested in the paper work involved in the process of funding. Our company makes sure that the right amount of capital is made available to the right entrepreneur and all the paper work will be done by our experts.
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